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4 March 2017 Blogroll


You appeared at a time of turmoil,

A bright beacon among our toil.

We looked up at your glow in awe,

In your light a new hope we saw.

Great was our distress at events,

In your glow stewed contentment.

Now with your arrival came insight,

As we sought to address our blight.

The Beacon you are for our sight,

That shows the path is in The Light.

The travails on this earthly plain,

May seem to become a runaway train.

But in the grand scope of the universe,

Only a tiny footnote, a very tiny verse.

This too shall pass into man’s  history,

Another bump in the road of destiny.

So much more to be accomplished,

Foolhardy us are to be admonished.

All that happens brings a new moon,

Opens eyes and make many swoon.

On this tiny speck in billions of specks,

The human experience is circumspect.

So much to be learnt, still not gleaned,

From the stars, answers are beamed.



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