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29 April 2017 Blogroll

Come To Me

Let me titillate your fanciful imagination,

Hold you tight as I embrace you warmly.

Lure you into my sweet web of taste,

Come and join me as we undulate slowly.

Clothing optional as you enter my abode,

Sashaying across my threshold so sexily.

Anticipation seen gleaming in your eyes,

Nipples firm with excitement and glee.

Have a seat on my settee, sip a glass of wine,

Run your tongue seductively across glass’s rim.

Watch me as i prepare a repast for your dining,

Observe me checking out your voluptuous curves,

Delighting in your sensuous beauty so rabid.

Yes come on by my dear and allow me to entertain,

Let’s entice each other in such daring temptations.

Be bold and brave as you enter my den of inequity,

No reservation needed, just come as is, with Love.



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