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April Showers with The Love Doctor Musical Rain

22 April 2017 Blogroll

Open Up To Me.

I want you to be open with me,

Bring to the table an honest heart.

Hide not your faults or your desires,

Talk with me about your dreams.

Express your innermost hopes,

Trust me enough to bare your soul.

Show me your confidence in my love,

Open your arms to my embrace.

Be willing to expose your vulnerabilities,

Trust that I will be your strong armor.

In return I shall be there for you,

Through all the storms and quakes.

Through all the trials and tears,

My shoulder will be your strong oak.

My love is undying and granite,

Yet my heart for you is soft velvet.

Come with me and invest in us,

Love has bridged our differences.

Together we shall be unstoppable,

Strong, dedicated, passionate, invincible.

Walk as my equal and my other half,

Ever United in our love and passion.



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