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Childless couples,how late is too late to have children. Dr Nivischi

20 May 2017 Blogroll

Are you a couple without a child or children? Is that your choice or would you prefer to add to your family. Our society puts a lot of pressure on couples to have children. Therefore, if you have been married for a number of year and remain childless, it is possible that you may feel the pressure from family and friends. Let’s talk about it.

Keep your Options open: There are many ways to become parents besides the biological route. Consider using a surrogate to carry your baby to term or finding your chosen child through adoption, foster care or hosting. Keep an open mind to the plethora of possibilities available to you.

* Effective tools and coping strategies are important for couples to incorporate into their individual and collective mindset, supporting themselves and each other to remain grounded and connected in the face of shared stress, anxiety and grief commonly caused by chronic infertility.

Childless couples living healthy, happy and productive lives. Is it too late to have children?


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