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Healthy You and I a look at antiviral oils essential oils

27 February 2017 Blogroll

It is that dreaded time of year: cold and flu season. That means loading up your arsenal and medicine cabinet with antiviral essential oils that will not only help you get over your illness faster, but will also prevent you from getting sick in the first place.Often, when we develop an infection, we are prescribed harsh antibiotics. Although antibiotics are sometimes necessary, they are harmful to your body, killing off ‘good bacteria’ and upsetting the delicate balance of gut flora in your tummy.This ‘good bacteria’ prevents harmful bacteria from entering your digestive tract and body, establishing a vicious cycle. Once this bad bacteria gets used to the antibiotics being ingested, the virus decides to toughen up and mutate, becoming resistant to antibiotics.

Illnesses resistant to antibiotics makes fighting off a virus that much more difficult. Fortunately, your body will not develop a resistance to essential oils. Essential oils are tough on viruses while gentle on your body.


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