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How to mantain the best Long Distant Father Relationship with your children

18 March 2017 Blogroll

My name is Michael Martin. I am 50 years old and I am the the proud Father of a 24 year old daughter. Soon to be 25 in 2 days. Like many other African American men, life has thrown its many adversities as well as blessings my way. My mother was my greatest strength growing up. I watched her wake up early, go to work, get off work and come home just to finish work with her children. Not to mention her husband, my step father, who was a piece of work? I was the youngest of four children and grew up in a spiritual household. Holidays were never celebrated, I sat down during the pledge at school and after being around my 2 sisters, I could not fathom fathering children. As I got older, the the fruits of my bad behaviors began to shine through. Stolen bikes, small fights, skipping school and the like. My mother refused to let me fail. And I did not and entered the Marine Corps. 1986, I got out of the USMC and graduated from Business Institute in 1988. That year changed my life dramatically!!!!!! My spiritual foundation was covered by this interest of money and love. I needed 1 to get the other in my mind. The dealer became the customer. Same old story. And I found love after I was broke. 1992 upon starting a drug free life I met a young female who loved the words I spoke and my vision. We decided to have a child and prepare for the long haul. My daughter was the best thing that could happen to me. Long story short, shortly after her birth, I was incarcerated in 1993 and came home 1999. She was 6. Letters, phone calls, is how this child learned about her father.  Her love never wavered. She only asked that I stay out of jail so I can teach her how to Golf? Big thing to a child. Through repeated trips from Pittsburgh to South Carolina, I watched her grow and take on some of both our attributes. She has now graduated from Columbia SC and is active member in her Sorority of AKA. She works for a prominent Bank in International Business and loves it.


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