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Live Chat : Jamaica in CRISIS a Call To ACTION host Joseph L. Patterson

23 July 2017 Blogroll

Joseph L. Patterson, BAccS, CPA, CGA Founder & President of the United Independents’ Congress of Jamaica. Father, husband and businessman with over 10 years experience as a finance executive. Over 30 years of voluntary work, from Master Scout and Police Youth Club Leader and Parliamentary Candidacy in North East St. Elizabeth

The role and purpose of government in a free society is to protect your individual liberty and ensure your security. This includes promoting equal opportunity, equal rights and equal justice for all in a safe, clean and orderly society. No one individual, party or group should control your government. Government must be controlled by the People and the Rule of Law. It exists to protect your freedom of choice, your purchasing power and the sovereignty of your country.


The United Independents’ Congress is a political movement dedicated to eradicating political corruption, poverty and crime through constitutional reform and good governance.The UIC became a political party in order to change the way government works. We will make it more accountable and responsive to you and your community. 

THE UIC MODEL OF GOVERNANCE:To help prevent corruption, abuse of power and overreach in authority, the UIC will separate the three branches of government as outlined above. The Executive Branch, The Senate and The House of Representatives will each be non-partisan or independent of the other.



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