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11 March 2017 Blogroll

Wet Plans.

Another day to face, time to wash off the past,

Now awake and memories of yesterday loom.

Set that temperature so the water is just right,

A cascade of warm wetness to soothe me.

The past day a fading memory washed away,

Soaked in lather and fresh smelling scents.

Plans for the new day formulating in my mind,

Eager to venture out into the sunshine now.

Her last words on my mind, “See you soon?”

“Yes” was my reply, so eager for her hugs.

Trying hard to fit her into my hectic schedule,

Knowing how imperative it is to make time.

So much love for her that it truly hurts each time,

That I find it impossible to get to her side.

But today again I plan the day in my mind,

Fervently praying it goes as so carefully planned.

Patience with me is all I can ask of her in earnest, 

For my love is true and straight for her indeed.

Dear lord heed my cry and put your hand in this,

For if not, you know I will abandon your deeds for her.


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