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Nyahbinghi, Niyabinghi, Niyahbinghi chanting Rasta music

16 February 2017 Blogroll

Nyabinghi, also Nyahbinghi, Niyabinghi, Niyahbinghi, is a form of ritual drumming performed as a communal meditative practice in the Rastafarian tradition in Jamaica. Like many facets of Rastafari, it evolved from the drum ceremonies that enslaved African people of various ethnic groups brought with them to Jamaica. As the country grew more industrialized throughout the late 19th century and early 20th century, Nyabinghi songs were celebrated only among followers of the Rastafarian practice (based on mythology about Ethiopia and a very different interpretation of the Bible from the Judeo-Christian status quo), while most Christian-indoctrinated Jamaicans saw the Afrocentric drum and chant ceremonies as primitive and backward. Nowadays, Nyabinghi is used mainly as a term for a certain sect of Rastas , as opposed to just the rhythm or the music.


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