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SkaJamz Ska is Back with Freddie Campbell

10 February 2017 Blogroll

SKA IS BACK !!! Intro for Sublime Dream.Back to the origins of Jamaican music, Ska.

Ska is a combination of Mento, the music of Jamaica’s African ancestors,New Orleans R&B, the music of Fats Domino and his peers, the jazz shuffle,

the music of Louis Armstrong and his peers.In the dance halls of Jamaica there was Ska, but the dancers complained that it was too fast, that they

got tired and it made them sweat too much. The musician’s response was Rock Steady, a slower more deliberate beat. The dancer’s response was that

it was too slow. Now came Reggae, the perfect tempo for dancers, musicians and those who were just listeners.This program is all about Ska music, it’s musical structure, the lives of the players that made it famous,to where it’s at today.


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