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25 March 2017 Blogroll


Jamaica…Island in the sun… our home,

So many areas of such beautiful warmth,

Waterfalls and rivers that astound eyes,

Beautiful scenes of majestic mountains and valleys.

What is this dark cloud that hangs over our land?

It is fed by palpable fear on every corner,

Tears are now the Waterfalls of dire note,

Mothers and fathers tense about our children safety.

Predators roam our Shores like Tyrannosaurus Rexes.

Preying on our citizens with ravenous blood lust,

Gangs so violent, no life is sacred or honored,

The 4 horsemen seem to be roaming our streets.

Wherefore art tho protectors of the kingdom?

Where are the guardians of our sacred peace?

Where are our Knights to keep our children safe?

Have we forsaken our hallowed communities?

Rise up bold Knights and stand in unison,

Protectors of the realm is our duty, our task,

Honor and love for our women and children,

Protect our Villages from dark forces so rampant.

We control our destiny, not the spawns of hell,

Gather ye Knights to guard our streets and homes,

Earth Angels is your new designation today,

Dutiful watchers, quick to action, peace you bring.

Watch and protect our people for we are men,

Shrink not in the face of danger for we are bold,

Maintain the peace, be wise and diligent,

We are the Guardians of our Communities.



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