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The Love Doctor Saturday Mix With DJ Dreski’s Soulful Mix

15 April 2017 Blogroll

My Journey

Through the years of turmoil on this earth,

I have sought to find my place, my berth. 

Struggled to plant my seeds to gain growth,

Through the hardships I have tenaciously fought. 

The best laid plans have often been to no avail,

Fate often interferes to test my resolve on the trail.

Hurdles I have had to leap over on my quest,

Many a path taken in my drive to be the very best. 

Lessons learnt along the way and noted well,

Experiences that taught me to navigate

through hell.

But despite the arduous times I still can beam a smile,

At the humor that lies alongside the stress in each mile. 

No obstacle shall be allowed to steal my joy,

Not even when someone treats my heart as a toy.

Challenges, it is said, builds great character,

What I do know is that I have a heavenly benefactor.

No matter the road still to travel in this life,

I am sure that I shall overcome all earthly strife.

With faith and love as my trusty guide and tools,

I am equipped to overcome all trials and fools.



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